Publicado: 30/03/2010 en Series


tonight I wanted to talk about one of the shows that I’ve been watching lately, Caprica.

For the ones who don’t know it yet Caprica it’s a tv show based on the same universe as Battlestar Galactica but 58 years earlier. It basically explains the story about two families.

We’ve got the Graystones, a rich family that will face a lot adversities and will be directly connected to the creation of the first cylon. The other one, the Adamas, will teach us some things about the Tauron’s culture and will be the link between Caprica and Galactica. You’ll know why soon enough.

Acording to the creators of the show, there’s no need for prior knowledge. However to fully understand the meaning of the show I think you’ll need to see BSG before.

All of this has happened before,

and all of this will happen again.



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