9 December, 1860

Publicado: 12/04/2011 en Personal

A lot of people were born.
Someone must’ve become a parent.
A lot of people died.
Someone must’ve been sad.

Maybe someone won a lot of money.
He must’ve thought he was happy.
If so, someone must’ve lost a lot of money.
He must’ve felt desperate.
Maybe the rich lucky guy died crossing the street on his way to the bank.
Maybe the desperate one never knew how lucky he really was.

There must’ve been trains going somewhere.
Someone must’ve been excited.
Someone must’ve been bored.
Maybe one train decided not to work.

Maybe there were birds singing.
Maybe they decided to do that in the morning.
Maybe it rained and they postponed it till the afternoon.
Maybe it rained all day and they just stayed home.

Someone must’ve made bread that day.
Maybe someone stopped to smell it on his way somewhere.
Maybe he smiled.
Probably most people missed it.

Maybe someone looked at the sea.
Someone must’ve gone for a swim.
Probably someone stared.
I can think of several different reasons.

If someone fell, he must’ve feel pain.
There was probably someone else enjoying it.
If so, he must’ve fallen some other time later on.
I don’t think he enjoyed it this time.

Some hearts must’ve been stolen.
Some must’ve been broken.
Someone must’ve had a dream.
I wonder if it ever came true.
Maybe someone had a great idea.
Maybe he forgot about it later.

Maybe, for someone, it was the best day of his life.
He must’ve remembered that day for years.
Most people must’ve forgotten about it.

But hey, I really wouldn’t know.
I wasn’t there.

  1. Laura dice:

    Me ha gustado. ¿De quién es? 🙂


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