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Haven’t had much time lately to write here… Sorry about that… I wanted to write something today, even if it is to say hey I’m still around! Anyway, today I’m going to talk a bit about some programs/on-line services I have found to be really useful for me.



This one provides on-line storage and the possibility to synchronize it with a folder on your computer. It’s just like working on your computer but the files are uploaded to the on-line service. This could work as an on-line backup, but it also provides you the possibility to access those files via web anywhere. You can install the program in two computers and the folders will be synchronized at any time. You can even share that folder with a friend so you can share those files. The free version provides 2GB of storage which might be not enough depending on the size of the files but could work just fine if you use words, excels, pdfs, etc.

There’s is also an app for android mobiles and iPhones so you can access your files everywhere.

You’ll need an account which you can get directly from this link: GET YOUR DROPBOX


Remember the Milk

Like they say on their web it is just an online to do list and task management. You can add any task you want to remember, adding info about the task, when you need to have it done, where, etc. You can share those tasks with people but in this case I find the service to be much more useful for your own things. There are better ones to use if you want to share tasks with other people.

If you’ve got an android phone you can syncronize your taks with the Astrid app. That way you can check or create tasks everywhere. There’s probably similar apps for iphone.

You can get an account on the web:



I had used Spotify a while back and I got really tired of the ads. I finally thought it was not worth it. This very week I found out about GrooveShark and I’m really enjoying it. It has loads of music in their database and you can listen to it all day without having to listen to ads every ten minutes like in Spotify. Besides you don’t need to install program. Just type the url on your web browser and that’s it. No need to register either, just listen and enjoy. Although if you choose to register you can create playlists and mark your favourite songs so you can listen to them easily in the future.

You can also listen Grooveshark on your mobile, but only if you are VIP, which means paying.

If you want to try it:



Ok, you’re probably thinking that you already use Google, but what I meant here is really using Google, all their functions.

Gmail might be the very best. If you want to make it better there’s a few tips:

  • Use your labels wisely. You can create colourful ones to make it easier to organize your mail.
  • Use filters. You can use it so your mails already appear labelled on your inbox before you read them.
  • Use Contacts. If you take the time to organize it and keep the info updated you’ll never have any more problems locating people.
  • If you have different inboxes, even if they are from a different provider you can forward all your mail to google. This way you can check all your mail in one time.

GCalendar. I’ve used it for years and never had a complaint about it. You can create different calendars with different colours and you can share any of them with whoever you want.

GDocs. Create and share documents on-line in minutes.

And some others like Gmaps, Gtalk, etc.

Besides, smartphones like iphone or androids can synchronize contacts, mails, calendars with your google account. Forget about configuring phones, just link them to google.


¿Soy yo o el nuevo buscador de imágenes de google funciona mucho peor que antes?

Ebook readers vs. Tablets

Publicado: 28/04/2010 en Tecnología

Hoy he estado buscando algo de información sobre los lectores de ebooks y me encontrado con algunas sorpresas. Entre ellas que los Nook y los Kindle ya se pueden comprar desde España. (más…)